Will Gatorade Make Grass Blue

By Andrew Thompson

Hypothesis: If I water my grass with blue Gatorade then my grass will start growing blue.

I am going to water my grass all summer using blue Gatorade, I will see if it starts to grow blue. If it does then I will see how long it took for my grass to start turning blue, and how long it takes for all of it to turn blue.


According to the results in the chart below grass will turn blue with the right balance of Gatorade and plain water.
Big image


Throughout my experiment I discovered that grass will start growing blue with the correct balance of Gatorade and water. I found that the best way to get the grass to grow blue was to water it with 70% Gatorade, and 30% water. I have also come to the conclusion that grass will most likely grow the same color as whatever Gatorade you decide to use.