Daysha Partnoys Biography

My life

My Family

My name is Daysha Johnson. I am the average 6th grader. I don’t like a certain animal in general i love all animals. I have 3 brothers, Chase, Trace, and Braydon. I also have 2 sisters, Destiny, and Leela. I am a big sister of, Trace, Destiny, Leela, And Braydon.

My pets.

I have 2 Birds one is named Gabby and the other one is named Bossy. I also have 1 cat 2 dogs and 10 fish. My cats name is Boi my dog’s name is Buddy and my other dog’s name is Onery.

Boi started out as a dream of mine. Started out as me making a Powerpoint on why I want a cat. I worked and worked and WORKED until this happened… 2 Months later April 5, 2013. It was a happy birthday to me! I came home from school knowing that a kitten we bought the night before would be able to be taken home in two weeks. I greeted my Mema. “I can’t wait until two weeks!” I had said. I look over at the cheesecake on the counter and mema notice and says “Not until tonight.” I replied with a nod and told her i would be in my room. I walk into my room and see Cat-Toy heaven. I see a small, navy blue cat tower. Inside the cat tower i see what i thought was a small plush toy. I see the the small toy move and I jump back and out pops a head of a small ragdoll cat breed kitten. I scream with delight. and thats how i got my boi!


I have red hair blue eyes and freckles. I wear glasses (sometimes) and my favorite color is blue. I don’t like the color pink very much. My favorite animal is a dog, Border Collie, And a cat, Ragdoll.


There is one thing that has been with me through everything and that is about my dog Onery. She is a senior’s senior in the dog world. She is 18 years old ♥. She has been with me through 11 Yrs. We can't leave her in the sun to long because she comes in panting A LOT if we do. She almost died before when we left her outside for too long. So she gets five minutes outside in the sun ☼. Onery is my baby. I love her SOOO much. §I ♥ Onery§

Down below is a picture of what Onery looks like. She looks just like this. Credit goes to Google.