Supreme Owlettes Newsletter

From Your Origami Owl Director, Amina Daher

October Congratulations

We rocked October out at a total of $873,768

Our Top 10 Rock Stars Are:

Godwin, Amber $5,865.71

Susan Keith $5,492.04

Anderson, Sarah $4,351.36

Vellema, Kelli $4,111.23

Norquest, Karesa $4,060.20

Scheer, Anna $3,699.43

Rodriguez, Suyzel $3,677.33

Long, Carole $3,619.40

Anderson, Lisa $3,192.04

Schendt, Abby $3,150.33

New System

If you have not had a chance to check out the new system, please make sure to clear your cookies, cache, and history. Do not log into the old back office.

If you used your ID number instead of your website you will find that it no longer works. Please use your original website name you used when signing up.

Example: (works) (No longer works)

We have several webinars in the new O2 Lounge to help you learn about the new system. If you are confused please reach out to your mentor and if they can not help you I can help you reach up to your STL or ETL.

November Updates

Please make sure you have updated the correct Hostess rewards from the back office.

Our new shipping grid for the holiday has also been listed.


How are your bookings looking for this Holiday season.

Here are a few tips for you.

1. Call past hostesses

2. Call past customers and inform them of our new TOM and holiday charms.

3. Hand out your business card every where you go and always wear your locket.

4. Talk to your family and friends and ask them to hostess an Origami Owl party even if they have in the past.

5. Give out booking specials.


Tell me your WHY

For every designer who sends me an email with their Why they joined I will place you in a drawing.

You also have the option to receive more entries:

Tell me your Goal.

Tell me what Origami Owl has done for you.

Tell me what you expect Origami Owl to do for you in the future.


In the old system we could find our entire up line. Now we only have access to your mentor. If you are receiving this email and you do not know who to reach out to, please let me know. I will help you find your up line. You can also join our Facebook Group for our team.