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Welcome Back

Welcome Back

I am so excited to welcome you back into the school! I have missed all of our students so much!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support as we work to make the best educational experience for your students while following all of the recommendations given to us. There have been so many parents that have reached out to show your gratitude and support. Words cannot expressed how that support positively affects our staff!

Below you will find a lot of information about how our school will be running when we open up. This plan is a snapshot of how we are planning to reopen TMS at the time of publication. This could change and I will communicate those changes at the earliest availability.

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If your student is interested in playing fall sports, make sure you check out TMS Athletics Newsletter! This explains what is required to play in our fall sports.
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TMS Parent Q & A

I will be hosting two parent Zoom meetings to answer questions about our reopening plan. Links will be provided through a separate email. (Since this newsletter is shared publicly on social media.)

Both meetings will be held virtually on Zoom on Tuesday, August 4. One will be at 2:00pm. The evening one will be at 7:00pm.

Changes at TMS due to COVID-19

  • Masks will be worn per Gov. Holcomb's executive order.
  • Students will be in assigned seats in all of their classes and lunch. This is to help with contract tracing.
  • Visitors to the building will be limited to approved access only.
  • Students will not change clothes to participate in PE. PE locker rooms will not be used. The course content will be adjusted.
  • Students may be asked to assist in sanitizing their desks and used items with an eco-friendly cleaner. Here is a brochure on the cleaner we are using.
  • Drinking fountains will not be in use. Students are encouraged to bring a CLEAR water bottle to be filled from the water bottle fillers.
  • Hallways will be one way.
  • Hand sanitizer will be widely available throughout the building.

Virtual Option

TMS is proud to support our students with a virtual option for the school year. More information about the TMS Virtual School can be found in the link.

Students enrolled in the TMS Virtual School are eligible to participate in extra curricular activities.

If you feel this is a better option for your family, please chose the virtual option while enrolling your student in Harmony. If you have completed your enrollment and would like to switch, please contact Melissa Kikta ( or Craig Leach ( about changing the status of your enrollment.


Our policy on masks has changed since our original re-entry plan was released. In following Gov. Holcomb's executive order, students will be required to wear masks while in the building. We will be diligently looking for ways to allow students to have mask breaks throughout the day.

It is suggested that each student have two reusable masks. Students will be given one reusable mask by the school. A lanyard will also be provided to attach to the mask to assist students in keeping track of their masks.

Please see this publication from the Indiana Department of Education on tips for using face coverings with students.

Lunch Changes

Students will be eating lunch in the cafeteria and the team teaching room. This will allow us to increase our social distancing when students can't wear their masks. Students will be assigned to seats. We have also removed the microwaves.

PE Locker Rooms

It has been recommend to not use the locker rooms for PE at this time. Students who are scheduled for PE will be expected to participate in the clothes that they wear to school. To fully participate in the course, students should wear clothing to school that allows them to move freely. Students will also need to have tennis shoes. They may bring an extra pair to leave in their hallway locker. Slight alterations to the activities will be made to better accommodate this change.

Library Use

Our library will be in use!!! We are following recommendations given to local libraries to ensure these books are safe for circulation.

Students enrolled in our virtual program are still able to check out books! Please see our website for a link to our library catalog. These books can be requested through email. We will pull those books and arrange a time for them to be picked up.

Meet the Teacher

We will be conducting our Meet the Teacher Night virtually this year. Teachers will be creating videos to introduce themselves and their classes. Be on the look out for this great information!

Car Rider Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

  • Students will be allowed in the building at 7:40 am.
  • At this time, the car rider procedures are the same as last year. (This may be adjusted if we have a large number of students arriving with this option.
  • Details of these procedures can be found here.


  • Car riding and walking students will be dismissed at 3:05 pm.
  • Students will be encouraged to walk along the side walk to their vehicles instead of waiting for the vehicle at the door.

Picking Up/Dropping Off a TMS Student

Picking Up

  • Please pull up to the curb out front of the middle school office.
  • Call the front office at 765-675-7521 and give them your name and the name of the student you are picking up.
  • The office staff will check for the name to be listed in Harmony.
  • If you are approved to pick up the student, they will be sent out to you.

Dropping Off

  • Students who are being dropped off at the school should be dropped off at the middle school office entrance. An adult does not need to accompany a student into the building for drop off.

Dropping Off Items

We will have a table set up in the entry of the school for you to drop off any items your student may have left at home. When bringing something in, please ring the bell as before. Our office staff will answer and direct you into the space between the two doors. You will find a table to leave your student's items. We will call for you student to come down and pick them up. Please label the items for your student when leaving them.

Contacting the Middle School

If you are in need of assistance, please see the emails listed below:

Principal - Melissa Kikta

Asst. Principal/Athletic Director - Craig Leach

Enrollment/Main Office Secretary - Laurie Crawford

Athletic Secretary - Linda Whitesell

Treasurer/Book Fees - Dawn Moody

Scheduling - Lynn Calloway

TMS ROCKS/My Closet - Gena Shultz

School phone number is 765-675-7521

Box Tops for Education (Repeat from last year)

The 6th grade team collects BoxTops to help support grade level activities such as field trips! Collecting BoxTops just got a whole lost easier also! You can scan receipts and qualifying items automatically submit to our account! No more cutting tiny squares! Please watch the video about scanning for BoxTops. When downloading the app, be certain to choose Tipton Middle School.


Dress Code (Repeat from last year)

To clarify the Corporation Dress Code policy, I would like to explain the implementation at the middle school.


Students must wear sleeves. If a shirt has a sleeve, it is good. Shirts must cover the torso.


Items of clothing that cover the lower half of the body must cover all skin from waist to mid-thigh. This includes shorts, skirts, and pants with holes. Students are allowed to layer clothing to ensure the skin is properly covered.

My Closet (Repeat from last year)

My Closet is an amazing resource organized by our very own Mrs. Schultz (at For more information, please see this letter.

My Closet

Raptor Visitor Management System (Repeat from last year)

In case you missed it from our August Newsletter:

The safety of our students is one of our top priorities. Raptor Visitor Management System is our new way of monitoring who is coming in and out of the school. When you enter any of our school buildings, you will be asked for a government issued ID. Every visitor will be scanned and checked against national databases and our internal checks. Before admittance into the building each visitor will be given a time sensitive sticker. We ask that you wear this sticker throughout your stay with us. I am aware that this is an additional step before entering the school. I appreciate your assistance in keeping all students safe!

EventLink (Repeat from last year)

In case you missed it from our 2019 Newsletters:

Eventlink is our new calendar system. These are calendars that we will use to communicate with the community about what is happening in our school. The athletic office has been utilizing this system for some time. The corporation felt that it was necessary for all calendars to be in one place. Please sign up for an account and add the calendars you would like to follow. If you need any assistance with this stop by the office! Please see this link for steps to sign up and add calendars.

How to create an account on a computer.

How to create an account on a phone.

Important Dates

8/7 First Day of School

--/-- School Pictures (TBA)

9/7 Labor Day (No School)

9/8 School Board Meeting

9/14 eLearning

10/9 End of the First 9 - weeks

10/12 School Board Meeting

10/21-23 Fall Break