Language Futures

A new way to bring language learning to life

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What can Language Futures do for you?

Language Futures can help to:

  • Support curriculum innovation

  • Support language learning beyond the classroom

  • Promote linguistic diversity

  • Broaden language provision

  • Equip students to be autonomous and informed language learners

  • Build links with the community

  • Increase student motivation and engagement

Language World 2016

Language World is the annual conference and CPD event of the Association for Language Learning. It is a highlight of the year for languages education and attracts up to 250 participants a day from across all educational sectors, with a large number coming from primary and secondary schools. The title of Language World 2016 is Curriculum Innovation. Highlighting the changing landscape of language learning, the conference aims to explore innovative opportunities which the new curricula bring for all language learners and educators.

The Language Futures approach helps to support curriculum innovation and at this year's Language World conference there will be a Major Talk as well as a workshop session dedicated to the Language Futures initiative.

Major Talk: Language Futures - A fresh approach: broadening languages provision with innovative practice

Language Futures is designed to equip pupils to be autonomous language learners, supported by school, home and the wider community. Learners engage in problem solving, research and a variety of resources to support their own learning. This session will offer an overview of the approach and current examples of work from schools involved in this innovative approach to language teaching will be shared.

Workshop Session: Language Futures - Pupils are doing it for themselves

Following the Major Talk, this session will explore the Language Futures approach in greater detail focusing specifically on the after school model. It will explore how the approach can be used to broaden language provision as well as its transformative qualities in terms of student motivation and progress.

Dedicated one-to-one support

If you are attending Language World,a dedicated one-to-one session with a member of the Language Futures team to discuss the approach can be arranged. For further information, please contact the Language Futures project manager Clodagh Cooney.

Visit the Language World exhibition for free

Language World also has a large and varied exhibition showcasing the latest in language learning resources and support. You can visit the Language World exhibition for free where you can also visit the Language Futures stand. For further information on the exhibition, please visit the ALL website.

Language World 2016 Full Programme

More than 50 inspiring speakers are confirmed over the two day programme which comprises plenary lectures, major talks and workshops, as well as opportunities to browse the exhibition and to network with colleagues. For the full programme, please visit the ALL website.

Sessions relevant to the Language Futures approach include:

  • Got motivation? How to investigate your learners' motivation in language learning
  • No more “can do” statements – an alternative approach to assessment without levels
  • Bilingual children in the primary classroom
  • Strategies for spontaneous speaking at GCSE- Effective progress over time leading to excellent results
  • Developing pupil independence in the classroom in the languages classroom: Skills-based teaching and learning
  • Capturing the Zeitgeist- what’s new in the world of technology in MFL?
  • Innovation requires resilience
  • Authentic resources: embracing the challenge
  • Lost and Found in Translation – Putting creativity back
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