ELA 8 Week 15

Nov 30 - Dec 4

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Tuesday 12/1

Wednesday 12/2

Warm up

  • Pick up the papers from the back counter.
  • Get out your library book.
  • Read quietly (SSR). - 5-7 min

DOL (Daily Oral Language)

Complete both exercises for Monday and Tuesday.


  1. Because of the rain, the windows were shut tightly, and the air was getting muggy.

  2. Ahead, Grant saw an island, rugged and craggy, rising sharply from the ocean.

  3. Finally, she closed the mini-blinds, got up from the chair, and went downstairs to make herself a western omelet.


Combine the following sentences

  1. He then buried his face in his hands and cried. He was totally dismayed by what had happened.

  2. She rose from the table. The table was where she was sitting.

  3. Mrs. Harding disciplined us for handing in messy notebooks. She was our fifth-grade teacher.

Expository Text

Poetry Connection

"Luxury" by Nikki Giovanni

Read and annotate the poem with a partner.

Analyze the poem's message and make connections to the expository article from yesterday.


Annotate with a partner...

  • Title
  • Paraphrase
  • Connotation
  • Attitude (Tone)
  • Shift
  • Title
  • Theme

Canvas Quiz

Log into the English 8 page on Canvas and take the multiple choice quiz over:

  • "A Story full of the Stuff of Sorrow"
  • "Luxury"

You have until 11:59 tonight to complete the quiz for a grade.