Ruby and Sapphire Foundation 1

Spring Half Term Newsletter


This term we will be focusing on opposites.......

LOUD and QUIET, LIGHT and DARK, BIG and SMALL are just some of the pairs we will be focusing on.

We will continue to follow The Letters and Sounds programme by introducing four new letter sounds, one each week, as well as the previous taught letters.

In mathematics we will be looking at prepositions, ON, UNDER, ABOVE, NEXT TO, IN FRONT and BEHIND as well as revisiting numbers and counting.

We will continue to keep you up dated through TAPESTRY and or course we are available at the end of the teaching day too!

Sapphire Class News

We are delighted to welcome Mrs Bronwyn Lucas to our teaching team in the Sapphire Class following Mrs Bennett's return to her playground supervisory role. Mrs Lucas will be working on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mrs Berry will now be in school full time from Monday to Friday. We look forward to supporting your children in their learning journey through Foundation 1.


During the last week of term we will be celebrating INTERNATIONAL WEEK.

This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity within our school. We will be welcoming parent helpers in to share their culture, for example through cooking activities, and the Foundation Stage children will take part in activities designed and run (with support!) by our Year 6 pupils. On Thursday 26 March we will all be taking part in an International Parade to show the national costumes we are wearing.



We are looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 March. Please remember to sign up via the Gateway. Go to LEARNING/Parent Evenings/Register for appointments.