Alisa's Goals for Term Three

by Alisa

Literacy Goal

My old literacy goal was to make sure my writing makes sense and that I did not leap ahead of what I had made clear. This has been achieved, so my new literacy goal is to have a better understanding of what I'm reading (comprehension), and to hopefully get a stanine 9 on my next reading PAT.

Maths Goal

My maths goal was to multiply and divide integers and decimals. Now I can do this, so my new maths goal for this term is to go on Mathletics a few times each week and to try and factorise quicker. I also want to learn how to quickly be able to graph quadratic equations without a grid. I will learn this by looking online for tips or asking for help from someone to teach me, and practice most days of the week.

A2A Goal

For my A2A goal, I think I still need to be more actively involved, as it still needs more focus. To achieve this, I will try to participate more in class discussions as well as try out for things around school that I think would interest me.

Fitness Goal

Last term I aimed for a 6 or higher on the beep test, and I succeeded. This term, I am aiming for a 7.5 or higher on the beep test. I plan to achieve this by going on an exercise machine every day after school.