The 6 year devastation

From 1939 to 1945 Jews were put through horrible conditions and by the end of the six years Nazis, German Soldiers, managed to kill 6 million Jews, with additional thousands of physically and mentally disabled humans. The German Soldiers were under the leadership of a disturbed man, Adolph Hitler. He influenced the start of what is now known as the Holocaust.
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Brief Summary

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a tragic time period consisting of the mistreatment of Jews and other people that Hitler found dissatisfying to his eye. They were first placed in what were called the Ghettos and then soon moved to concentration camps. Here they were burned, sent to gas chambers, dissected, and many other appalling ways of torture and death. Those that were not killed were forced to help the Nazis torture other Jews or provide their expertise, and in doing so helping the process of Jew inialation.

Lasting Effects

The Holocaust is huge part of our history and is still affecting the way we live and how we think. It is one of the things we look back on when studying prejudice of cultures, religions, and races. It changed the way people feel about Germans, and how they view their culture and ways of life.