RECORDERS ~ vol. 1

3rd Grade Recorder Class News

They are here... RECORDERS!

Your 3rd grader has received a brand new RECORDER this week! (Sept.11 or 12) The recorder is the instrument (or tool) we will be using in music class to facilitate our musical growth. Its notes are within the range of a child's voice as well. We will be able to sing everything we learn to play. The soprano recorder is a small instrument that has a pleasing sound. Well, let's just say, it WILL have a pleasing sound. AND SOON! PROMISE!

2 RULES to create a GREAT SOUND

Your child will be learning about these two rules the first day of recorder class. I thought these rules might help you at home with the first "not so pleasing" sounds you will probably hear at first.

  1. We will use only WARM, SLOW AIR to make our nice sound. (Example: place hand in front of mouth and blow slowly so you feel WARM air. If you blow fast air, you will feel cold air.) WARM air = very pleasing sound. COLD air = loud, screechy, unpleasing sound.
  2. When directed to COVER A HOLE on the recorder, that hole must be COMPLETELY AND TIGHTLY COVERED. No air may escape in or out of that hole. (Example: a "tupperware" lid.)

Below is a short video of what can be accomplished on a recorder. It will take us a while to get to this level! It's interesting to hear a recorder played by a professional.

Amazing RECORDER player, so called speed folk...
IMPORTANT!!!! Have your child listen and watch this amazing performance with you! If they watch this video with you - have them whisper in my ear the "magic secret" word when they come to their next music class. The "magic" word for watching this video with you is: GUITAR

I will give each student that WHISPERS the "magic secret" word - GUITAR - in my ear next week an extra bonus point!

What can PARENTS do to help?


  • Protect your ears: Remind your child that WARM AIR is needed to produce that pleasing sound be are aiming for!
  • Remind your child to check their hand position: LEFT hand at the top of the recorder, right hand at the bottom.
  • Cover the holes tightly: This rule is the one most often forgotten. We are dealing with little finders - some with teeny tiny ones. Please encourage!
  • Be a supportive audience every step of the way: The initial sounds will be difficult to listen to. (I know, I had two children of my own to went through this process too!) I promise, THEY WILL IMPROVE QUICKLY!

Below is my information. PLEASE feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Email is the best way to reach me.

I want each and every child to be successful as we learn about MUSIC!

Mrs. Suzy Cain

Brookville Local Schools
Music Specialist Grades 1 - 4