4th Grade News

January 19h, 2015

Things to know about this week...

Goals this week:

Math: I CAN see that different size fractions can be put together to make wholes.

I CAN add and subtract fractions with common and different denominators.

I CAN find equivalent fractions using pictures and multiplication/division.

ELA: I CAN make predictions as I read!

I CAN use pronouns and text evidence to identify the point of view of a story!

I CAN use literary elements to identify the genre of a story!

I CAN use synonyms as context clues to identify meanings of unknown words!

I CAN spell words with long "u" sound!

I CAN make my verbs agree with my prnouns!

Universal Design for Learning - Guideline 8 on Engagement

Students show how they can collaborate to solve problems. They are sharing ideas on how to find fractional pieces and figure out the probability of different situations occuring.

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