Kennard Elementary School

June 9th, 2022

Message from Mrs. Carey!

Dear KES families,

Happy Friday Eve to our KES families! Only 3 DAYS left with our KES Tigers! We will make sure every minute counts:) Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is a 2:00 PM dismissal for KES students.

Don't forget to check out our summer reading and math challenges below! Also, we have a ton of very cool moments we have captured this week. Check out the picture below!

2022 KES 3rd Grade Reading and Math SUMMER Challenge

2022 KES 4th & 5th Grade SUMMER Challenge

2022 CMS Summer Reading

As always, do not forget to check out our upcoming calendar dates below:

  • June 10th: 5th Grade Advancement @ 9:30 AM
  • June 10th: 2 PM Dismissal for Students - FULL Day for Staff
  • June 13th: 2 PM Dismissal for Students - FULL Day for Staff
  • June 14th: 1 PM Dismissal for Students - FULL Day for Staff
  • June 15th: No Students & LAST Day for 10-Month staff

Wishing you all a fabulous rest of the week!!!

Mrs. Michelle Carey


Environmental Literacy Celebration!

5th grade worked on Environmental Literacy by learning about our local area. Presenters were from the University of Maryland Ag Extension office and the QAC Soil Conservation.

The students learned about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and groundwater, A Farmer's Market, Best Farming Practices for the environment, Cover Crops helping with erosion, and our own Mrs. Harrison led a group on oysters & the Bay. 5th grade teachers also led classes to create "fish prints" and played an outside game regarding Predators / Prey in the Marsh.

Students were excited to learn about their own local area!

Mrs. Harrison's class made imitiation "Pearls" with their Oyster activities

Big picture

5th Grade Picnic Day was a fun time!

Big picture

4th grade enjoyed a walking trip up to Millstream Park this week!

Big picture