Happy 2016 + Incentive Kick Off

Earn a Swell Bottle or Hunter Boots.... SAY WHAT?!?!

Welcome 2016 - Incentive - Goal Setting

Happy 2016 to you all!! Reboot and Refocus! These past few weeks I've heard from many of you who are ready to take your Beautycounter business to the next level in 2016, which is awesome on so many levels! Some of you might be new to Beautycounter (welcome!) and some of you may be looking at a new year as opportunity to refocus your business! Whatever your goals may be for 2016, know that your mentor, upline Director and I are all here to help you CRUSH THEM! I seriously jumped out of bed this morning because I was so excited to get this out to my amazing team!!!

We are so blessed to get to work along side a company with such a meaningful social mission as we band together to effect change in an industry that's so far behind the times when it comes to safety and regulation. If you haven't yet checked out this video: http://bit.ly/1Pl90ZE from our time spent in Washington DC - you must! If this doesn't get you fired up and excited to get more safe products out into the marketplace, I'm not sure what else would!

But because I LOVE this team and I LOVE this company and everything we stand for, I wanted to throw out a fun incentive to keep you all pushing for that next goal you have for your business! So here it is - in 2 parts. Are you in??

Incentive #1 - SWELL Bottles

Incentive #1: Anyone who accumulates $1,000 in Personal Volume (PV) in the month of January will receive a 17oz S'well Bottle of your choice. Earn $1,500 in PV and you may upgrade your S'well Bottle to the 25oz size. Did I mention the large one holds a bottle of wine? (If you don't own a S'well Bottle - they will change your life, all 4 of us have one...and for those of you who already own 1 (or several) know that you can never have too many of these!) Visit www.swellbottle.com to check them out!

Keep reading for part 2....this is the BIG ONE....

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Incentive #2 - The Boots

Incentive #2: Anyone who accumulates $2,000 in PV in the month of January AND recruits 2 new Level 1 consultants who achieve $500 in PV in January will receive a pair of Hunter Boots ($150 Value)

** Please note that these incentives are separate from each other. Unfortunately you won't be able to earn a S'well bottle AND Hunter Boots if you achieve both Incentive #1 and Incentive #2.

Now just imagine what going for both of these incentives would do for your business in January!! I'll break it down for you real quick:

If you go for Incentive #1 and sell $1000 in product - that gets you a new S'well bottle AND your commission check will be around $250. Hit $1500 and you get to upgrade your S'well bottle and your commission check bumps up to $360.

If you go all in for Incentive #2 and sell $2,000 in products + add 2 new level 1 teammates who each achieve $500 in PV, that puts your business volume at $3,000 - promoting you to Manager (and well on your way to Sr. Manager) with an estimated commission check of $600 AND a $150 pair of Hunter Boots.

AND - Let's not forget the fabulous incentive Beautycounter HQ is offering to your new recruits who join in the month of January and accumulate $750 in PV! Jet-Set Bag Collection for them = Everyone Wins! There's truly no better time to jump in with Beautycounter.

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Goal Setting


Instead of throwing out a laundry list of things you could do to help you achieve the incentive I want to do something different. If you want to go for either of these incentives (which really you have nothing to lose & SO much to gain) I want you to email me back with which incentive you are going for and I'll connect with you personally on how I'm going to help you get there in January. We can schedule a coaching call, chat recruiting and anything else you want to tackle this month with your business.

So just do it! I hope I get a FLURRY of email responses back with an "I'm In"!!

Cheers to New Beginnings, New Challenges, New Friendships, Better Beauty & A Safer, Healthier Tomorrow


I took a little time off from Beautycounter in December to regroup and reboot! Now I am back, refocused and energized with a plan! I want to share my goals with you and I hope you do the same. I feel strongly that if you write down your goals and share them with your support network you have a better chance of hitting them. Then it isn't chance, it is hard work that pays off! Take the fear out, ask the question, step out of your comfort zone. What is the worst that can happen - but what if it doesn't?!? The answer is always no if you don't ask. Go rock it - I will too!

My Goals 2016

1 - Hit Managing Director by November - big goal. But I am going big this year!!! Promote 2 Front Line Senior Directors, 4 Front Line Directors and 10 Managers. Will you be one of them... let's do this!

2- Focus and Strategy - This year I am focusing on planning, executing and education. Educating myself and my team. I am writing out my month and week and executing on a different topic everyday, wether it is for 15 minutes or 2 hours, I have a pinpointed goal. It is a little hard to sit down and do BC for 15 minutes if you don't have a plan, and you usually end up on FB doing nothing! But if I know what I am going to do in those 15 minutes, I will win - 15 minutes and training call, 15 minutes and send 5 messages, 15 minutes and call on reorders. See what I mean?

3- Put down the phone. When I am working I will be working, when I am with family I will be with family. I think we all get this one! Be present, be productive.

What are your goals! Please let me know. Let's hold each other accountable. Or find a friend and challenge them to pace set with each other. Compare notes, throw ideas around and support each other!

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Kelli Weber, Senior Director

2016 is our YEAR! Big Goals, Big Change. I am here to help you succeed - our team is a powerhouse and I want to help you execute your ideas! We are stronger together than apart! How can I help you? Reach out to schedule a call anytime.