HEI desertification

By Emma Johnson 3rd Period

Human Events

Humans cutting down trees in South America are causing deforestation. The cutting down of trees are damaging the ground in these areas, and are drying up water bodies because of the decrease in amount of water vapor being produced. Both of these regions are receiving less rainfall because of this.

Land effects

Deforestation damages the earth where the trees once were. It also cause soil to erode faster than it normally does. Because the soil erodes there is less topsoil for plants to grow in, so the land is unusable.

Water effects

Cutting down trees near the Amazon River are causing certain areas to dry up. Trees produce water vapor, so less trees mean less rain. Certain areas of the river are not receiving enough rain, so they are drying up.
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If humans keep cutting down the trees in South America, in 100 years there will be no rain forests. If the Amazon River doesn't receive enough, more parts of the river may dry up.


1. Why are rivers such as the Amazon drying up in certain areas?

2. What will the South American landscape look like if people continue to cut down vast amounts of rain forests?