Noah: A Writer

My Writing History

Im A Writer Who...

I Like to write deep sentences, but sometimes like to make funny short stories. I love to type but I hate to hand-write, I used to hate writing but over the years I have grown to like it. Back in fifth grade I had a blog and I liked to like long but funny post. I am looking forward to write stories, but I m not very good at writing poetry. But I still want to try it, I like to show my work. One of my strengths is my ideas to write stories about Realistic Fiction.

A Memorable Experience

A memorable experience in writing is in third grade writing and story about when we got our dogs, it was hard at first but then I had an idea spree where I just kept on writing and before I knew it I had written three pages and to me that was a lot. And I don't know why but that experience has been stuck in my head ever since.

About Me

I love my family, and I have two siblings a brother and a sister. I love reptiles and how dangerous they are, my favorite reptile is the snake. I like all fruits, my favorite is watermelon. My main hobby is reading long adventure books.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

  • Write a story
  • Learn new types of poems
  • Write a good limerick