April Spotlight

Highlighting the achievements of Fort Worth ISD educators

Kirstie Buggar

Ms. Kirstie Buggar is a teacher of special needs students at Jo Kelly School. Although her student population is comprised of students who are medically fragile and live with severe and profound disabilities, Ms. Buggar uses every day to improve their lives with stimulating educational opportunities and therapeutic sessions to improve students physically, mentally, and emotionally. She has boundless patience, calm, and persistence in the face of any and all challenges that present themselves. She tirelessly plans lessons that show a deep understanding of the students’ needs for a group of students who require differentiation in all aspects of their day. Each of our educators in FWISD has chosen their path to best serve the citizens of Fort Worth; Ms. Buggar has chosen the position she seems predestined to fill with excellence and a perfect fit!
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Ms. Arguello

Ms. Arguello teaches fifth grade at Washington Heights Elementary. Ms. Arguello is very positive and always prepares engaging lessons.

Mr. Fortson

Mr. Fortson teaches 1st grade at Lowery Road Elementary. Mr. Fortson is always open to feedback and implements it right away. Mr. F, as his students call him, is dedicated, enthusiastic and always looking for ways to integrate all of his students' interests into his daily lessons.
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Yenny Duran

Grade 1-DLE

Rosemont ES

Ms. Duran plans engaging story flip charts that promote sharing of ideas. As students share with partners, Ms. Duran listens in and promotes language development that increases reading comprehension.

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Shelby Broyles

Ms. Broyles is a TAP teacher at Mary Louise Phillips. She is enthusiastic, dedicated, loving, and an advocate for her students. She collaborates with others, and is always looking for opportunities and resources to provide enriching and engaging learning experiences for her students. Ms. Broyles has been an integral and necessary part in laying the foundation of lifelong learning for her students. Way to go Ms. Broyles!!!

Ms. Reed

Ms. Reed is a Special Education teacher at Como Montessori School. She embraced the multi-faceted roles that involve different functions required to ensure improvement and success not only for her students but the whole campus. She coordinated tutoring for the entire school. Ms. Reed's planning, organizing, and leading are outstanding. She is an excellent, dedicated teacher who focuses on her students’ needs and puts all her efforts into seeing her students succeed. She is a huge asset to Como Montessori school.
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Ms. Benitez

To ensure her students' success, Ms. Benitez' lesson plans represent the coordination of in-depth content knowledge, understanding of student needs knowledge of relevant and available resources all resulting in a series of learning activities designed to engage students in high-level cognitive activity. The pacing of her lessons provide students the time needed to intellectually engage with and reflect upon their learning as well as to consolidate their understanding. Ms. Benitez' students describe her as the best teacher who works hard every day and helps them to be smarter. She brings so much joy to her third grader students at Cesar Chavez Elementary.
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Mr. Sanchez

Mr. Sanchez understands the importance of instructional time by maximizing efficient classroom routines and procedures. His Pre- kindergarten students contribute to the management of instructional groups, transitions and handling of materials and supplies. Mr. Sanchez conveys high expectations for learning and insists on hard work. It is amazing to see the transformation of Mr. Sanchez’s students. Not only have they improved significantly academically, they have also improved in their behavior and social interactions. North Hi Mount is so blessed to have Mr. Sanchez!
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