Endangered Species

and Their Ecosystems

Endangered Species

Amur Leopard

Black Rhino

Leatherback Turtle

Sea Lion

Mountain Gorilla

Galápagos Penguin

Asian Elephant

Bengal Tiger

Black Spider Monkey

Blue Whale

Giant Panda



Figuring out how to make a website

Finding info on the ecosystems




This project is important because it will inform the public about how everything on earth is connected and if we lose a piece to the puzzle it can have a huge impact on everything and everyone.


I have always had a burning passion for animals and plan on becoming a veterinarian. Animals have always interested me because not one species looks alike; they are all different some are big some are small and some animals are ugly to people, but I have always seen the beauty in every animal. I always look for a reason that "ugly" are beautiful even if it's not in their looks because everything is connected and everything an animal or plant does keeps the earth alive. I picked this project because I want people to see the beauty of animals not just for their looks, but for what they do to keep Earth alive and if we were to lose a species what long term effects it would have on the world we live.