The 15th Amendment

By: Katya Klimov

What is 15th Amendment?

"Prohibits the federal and state governments form denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen's "race, color,or previous condition of servitude""


The 15th Amendment, granting African-American men the right to vote, was formally adopted into the U.S. Constitution on March 30, 1870. Before this amendment only white men could vote, which caused segregation.
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  • This Amendment is used every year, during the election period. This Amendment guarantees all Americans to be able to participate in the elections.

My opinion

I think 15th Amendment was a good idea, because it lets all Men to vote, regardless of their race. This Amendment doesn't let women to vote, but at that time of History this was a big step to end segregation. Even thought segregation is still alive and will probably be, this Amendment was a good idea, to end it.

Connections I have to the Amendment

The connection i have to the 15th Amendment, is that i have friends that would not have been able to vote because they would have not been considered white. This was just based on their color, and race. So this amendment gave them this right, to do so, to vote, and not be segregated against.