Pocahontas the Peace Maker

By: Mrs. Brooks


The name Pocahontas is familiar to most, but she did a lot more than star in a Disney movie. As a child, Pocahontas was known for being playful and active. Pocahontas then became famous for saving Captain John Smith's life. Finally, she married John Rolfe who was known for his tobacco industry. Pocahontas was a brave woman who accomplished many things in her lifetime.

Playful Kid Pocahontas

Pocahontas was born with the name Motoaka, but was given the nickname "Pocahontas", which means playful one. As a child, she enjoyed running races and climbing trees. She could climb faster than any of the other children. She often traveled to Jamestown and challenged young men to compete with her at performing handsprings and running races. Pocahontas was also helpful, as she asked her father to send corn and dear meat to the people of Jamestown so they would have more food to eat. Pocahontas was loved by the people of Jamestown for her spunk, kindness, and generosity.

Saving the Life of John Smith

Pocahontas is most known for her link to John Smith. Smith was captured by the Powhatan indians and brought before Pocahontas's father. The indians laid John Smith's head on two stones as if they were going to beat out his brains. Pocahontas laid her head on top of Smith's to save him from death. From then on, Pocahontas and Smith were friends and Pocahontas helped the Jamestown colony. She would often visit the colonists and bring Smith food so that the people would not starve to death. Pocahontas and Smith's relationship helped to bring peace between the indians and colonists.

The Marriage of John Rolfe and Pocahontas

Pocahontas met her husband John Rolfe when she was kidnapped and brought to Jamestown. In the Summer of 1613, Pocahontas met John Smith and the two fell in love. Pocahontas sent her father a letter asking about her marriage to John Rolfe. Chief Powhatan was pleased and made a peace pledge to the colonists. The wedding was held in April of 1614. Their marriage helped to build a good relationship between the Indians and the Virginia colonists for the next 8 years.


Pocahontas was an important Native American who achieved several goals in her lifetime. She began life full of energy and challenged other children in races and other contests. Next, she helped to save John Smith's life. Last, she started a family by marrying John Rolfe and having a son. Pocahontas will always be an important part of American history.



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