Animals On Land


there are so many times you can learn about animals and I hope you enjoy animals as much as I do at the end of this flyer so get ready to learn!


Species are different groups of animals that are in the same family. Would you like me to tell you some examples? Yes, these are some : Bears, birds, dogs, cats, bugs, and even humans.

Body parts

some body parts help protect the animals to hunt and keep them alive! Did you know that most lizards can lose their tails! If a predator try's to grab the tail the end will come right off! Some body parts are:legs, tails, feet, belly, toes, and ears too!


A animal family is when many different types of animals have many things in common with each other! Did you know that pigs are in the bear family? I bet you knew that the rodents are one of the biggest animal families in the world! Families are so cool!


Animals need to hunt to stay alive! When people feed animals often, the animals stop hunting and trust human beings to give them food! Then sooner or later you aren't there to give them food so they can't hunt and sadly, die! Animals need to hunt!


A Habitat is a area where certain animals usually use as a home! Watch this video to learn more!
Animals and their Habitats


I hope you learned a lot about animals. Animals are so interesting and get a animal!
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