The Value Of Money

Money Value


Money is the most complex subject everyone has a different thoughts about it.

My Thought

This story is about how I think of money I believe money is for saving it’s there to help you out in not just to spend all the time many people just waste money in when they really need it they don’t have it. I understand that you should save as much money as possible in keep a little to have fun with if you don’t have a little fun then there is no reason to have all that money.

Very Important

I think money is very important you should save it for a rainy day when you really need the money but if you have the money in you just blow all your money you’re going to be in deep you won’t have any money for more important things.

My Money & Our Money

My money is managed I’m saving it for college and some of it I use to shop but not all of it. I wish more people in the world would be more responsible with their money but you live in you learn in some people learn later than others. Father there is so many things we can do with money these days but we have to save in mange the money as well as possible.

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