By Caleb Choi of the Greek Gazette

The Spartans Beat The Persians

With The Help Of The Athenians

A major battle that involved the Spartans were the Persian Wars. We did not go into these wars alone however. The Athenians helped to bring down the Persians. There were many loses and deaths but it was all to protect Greece. Plus there were many great and historic battles that were fought.

Some battles were the Battle of Thermopylae, the Battle of Marathon, the Battle of Plataea, and the naval battles on the sea. The Athenians ruled the sea and the Spartans had no match on land. The Athenians easily defeated the Persians at sea, however the Spartans took a loss at the Battle of Thermopylae. The odds were very stacked against them it was like 100 to 1 and the battle was too taxing on the Spartans and they lost. However their death was not in vain for the Greeks won the war!

Sparta Is Victorious Once Again!

The war between Sparta and Athens is over with Sparta on top! This war was unavoidable due to the fact that the tensions between the two great city-states were growing. The Peloponessian war finally ended when the Athenians surrenders after being defeated by the Spartans. First the Persian War and now this, Sparta just keeps getting getting more powerful.

The Peloponnesian War started in 431 BC and the 9 years after were called the Archidamios War. Fighting between both sides eventually led to the Athenians retreating behind walls. However disease became spread quickly and the Spartans destroyed the local food supply so hunger was a big part as well. Eventually after 28 long years the Spartans won!

New Tools/Weapons For Combat!

The Spartans are best known for their combat/battle experience and harshness. Not only did they kill babies if they deemed too weak, kids who were trained could be killed during practice it was a harsh and cruel process to get the fittest and strongest men to protect Sparta. But even the fittest men need tools and weapons to help them live.

New weapons like the Aspis, a large round shield that was made of bronze. The Xiphos was a short sword that was leaf-shaped to be thrusted into the body. And the Doru which was a long spear with a spiked end which was optimized for battle. These inventions helped the Spartans get an upper-hand on battles and helped them to win many wars.

Sparta And Athens

Even though they've had their differences the two city-states are not so different. They both were both major cities of Greece. They both owned slaves but got them in a different way. Each trained boys to fight and to prepare for battle but Spartans started a bit early. Now for some differences.

There were obviously many differences between the two. The Athenians' religion was Attica where the Spartans' religion was Laconia. The Athenians used a democratic form of government and the Spartans used an oligarchic form of government. The Spartans didn't rely on trading however the Athenians did. In Sparta women were taught to read and write but in Athens the women were taught house skills.