American Revolution

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Boston Tea Party

Great Britain after the French and Indian war tried to make colonist pay tax. the colonists said no and Britain didn't like they ship a lot of tea over to the colonists. to make the colonist pay for it. The colonist reacted, and dressed up as Indians so Britain would think it wasn't them. The colonist tossed the tea over board and this is know as the Boston Tea Party.

Boston Massacre

The war with the colonist and Britain was getting intense. It was a stand off in the center of town. Then the colonist was backing off but one of the colonist shot a bullet. Then the British fired. Six colonist died this is know as the Boston Massacre

Intolerable Acts

British was very displeased with Boston. They punished Boston in a way they believed the deserved. They put them under military watch so they couldn't do much but obey the law. Britain also made it that they couldn't trade unless it was inside Boston. So Boston couldn't get the supplies they need to strive in Boston.

Battle of Yorktown

The Battle of Yorktown was the end the war of the war. Boston didn't have the supplies or the men for the battle. Britain had the supplies and men. But Britain supplies where back at home. Also did not see how this help them if they won so they went back home. Boston had their freedom from Britain

Battle of Saratoga

This is the turning point in the war. It was either Britain was going to be able to get control of Boston. Or Boston was going to be able to keep Britain on their heels. Boston was able to win the war thanks to George Washington. They was able to win the Battle of Saratoga.

Proclamation of 1763

It is the religious period between the Europeans and colonist. It lead to the growth of other religions. It also caused conflict between the established religious and government law. This laid the foundation for one of the most important events in History. This caused the American Revolution.

George Washington

George Washington is the man that lead Boston in the war with Britain. He is the one who made the colonists keep hope when the colonists didn't have any. George Washington is the reason why Boston won the war against Britain. He is the reason why we are free today to act the way we do. George Washington was the first president of the United States.

John Locke

John Locke was a enlightenment philosopher. He influenced the American belief to self Government. He came up with the Social contract theory. John Locke is the man who is the foundation for the Declaration of Independence. John Locke ideas was radical but in the right place of mind