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Do you like researching? forecasting? investigating? If so, this job is for you!

Meteorology study the characteristics and movements of earth's atmospheres. They hold typical job activities investigating and developing numerical forecasts. They use probability to forecast the chances of different weather, each and every day. Statistics and probabilities are just one branch of this job. One responsibility of this job is to apply results of research to, for example, estimate the probability of effects of global warming. The work duties involve predicting and analyzing weather.

The Outstanding Locations in Need!


  • The skills needed for the job are mathematical, analytical, team-working, and problem solving skills
  • at least a bachelor degree in meteorology or atmospheric sciences
  1. Have at least 24 semesters in that degree
  2. 6 hours of physics or one course with lab experience
  3. combination of education and experience
  • may have other degrees in physics, chemistry, or other science/ math that are useful for weather-related research (recommended!)

Pay Scale

  1. ENTRY LEVEL- beginning meteorologist: $27,000 and $49,000 per year
  2. AFTER 10 to 19 YEARS- $48,000 to $89,000 per year
Meteorologists living in cities that deal with an abundance of different weather patters will be paid higher on average.