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May 9-13

Reminders from Mrs. Grimenstein...

Dear Parents,

Here are some important dates to note specifically for our class:

  • Friday, June 3rd: Field Trip to Philadelphia International Children's Festival- Yesterday we sent home the chaperone volunteer sheet. Please return this ASAP if you are interested in chaperoning our last trip.
  • Field Day Shirts: We will be decorating our field day shirts on Monday, June 6th. I will send home a form with more information next week. Please be sure to order a shirt from the PTA or send in a green shirt before Friday, June 3rd. Shirts ordered will come directly to our classroom.
  • Fruity Fridays: be sure to pack fruit for a snack or with lunch
  • Dragon Wagon is going well! We will continue to trade books every Wednesday.
  • Follow our class on Instagram: @thatsgrimtastic
  • Google Drive: Weekly photos posted "Pictures 2015-2016" labeled with dates for each week. Feel free to browse through the drive, but please be careful not to edit or delete anything. The directions on how to access our account are posted on eBoard. Here is our account information for quick reference: email: 2gowls@gmail.com password: 2Grocks (please note that we do NOT use this email account for any other purpose- please do not send any email to this account.

This week and last week's pictures can be seen by clicking on the links below...

Reader's CAFE

Readers focused on sequencing and summarizing this week while reading How Groundhog's Garden Grew by Lynne Cherry. We had fun creating our own carrot gardens to summarize the story in sequential order. This week we also created flip-flap-books to explore and apply new vocabulary concepts. Students read My Garden by Kevin Henkes and wrote about what they would grow in their very own gardens.

Writer's Workshop

We did it! Our book nomination letters are complete and we are anxiously awaiting our red carpet award ceremony next week. Students have worked diligently to create detailed and persuasive letters that convince the "judges" to choose their book for a special award. We are creating iMovie trailers to present these at our in-class award ceremony, and are bubbling with excitement! The nominations and awards will be on display at next week's Open House.

Caterpillar Update:

Our caterpillars are now in chrysalis form. We looked carefully to identify the body parts during this transformation, and drew our own diagrams of the caterpillars and chrysalises. We are anxiously awaiting the emerging butterflies so that we can study them more closely!

In the Garden By Mrs. Grimenstein, Caroline, Olivia, and Colin

Thank you to all of the volunteers who were able to help out with our gardening activity yesterday afternoon. The children have been "raising" worms in our compost bags and were excited to finally release them, along with their nutrient-rich soil, into the school garden. Our second grade gardeners also enjoyed watering, weeding, and planting a variety of new flowers and vegetables into our grade-level raised garden bed. We enjoyed a delicious snack and story, Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.

Here's what Caroline, Olivia, and Colin have to say about our garden...

This week in school we went into the garden. My group was group two. There were five people in our group. The five people are Patrick, Alexander, Mark, Emma, and I. The people who were helping us are: Mrs. Grookett, Mr. Everman, Mrs. Green, and Mark’s Grandmom. The first station we did was eat snacks and read a book called “Diary Of A Worm.” The second station we had was planting plants and watering them. Our last station was getting our worms, and setting them free in the flower beds. Then, if there is some hard dirt, we could water the dirt. I can’t wait to go in the garden again! Maybe even with our buddies! Have you ever been in Elizabeth Haddon Elementary School’s garden? ~Caroline

This week in school we went outside to the garden .

I was in a group with Tommy, Colin, and Jackson. There were 3 stations . Our first station was with Mrs. Grookett , we planted new plants and I planted a pumpkin. I had a shovel and some gloves. While I was digging, I saw a worm! I picked him up. The next thing we did was letting our worms go. Me and my science partner, Aidan, we both lets our worms go in the soil. We put them in different spots because too many worms in a spot equals all of the soil is gone. The next thing we did was go to Mark’s Grandmother and we ate soft pretzels. Also we read Diary of a Worm. I had a great time!~ Olivia

This week in school I was in the garden. I was with our class. We relest our worms, and plated stuff, and read a book. My favorite part was the hot pretzels. I was sweeting so much.It was sad letting our worms go.But I loved the book. I think you would be a great shaparon.had a great time in garden. ~Colin

The Boy Who Could be Captain Hook By Mimi

This week in school we had an assembly.There was a famous actor with no right hand a lot of people teased him. They said he could not play with them. He was going to do a one person play at the assembly.He got to act out all of the caricatures it's was kind of funny when he acted out his friend Wendy he sounded silly.He also got to act out the person who was teasing him that sounded like he was plugging his nose but he was not.The guy who was teasing him always chose the game at recess he said “today we're going to play two handed basketball.”And he called the guy that wore a hook oh did I not mention he wore a hook.He called the kid...Guy with a weird hook thingy isn't that mean.But one day he got to be Captain Hook and then he got to be Luke Sky Walker!


This week students demonstrated their understanding of second grade mathematical concepts and skills taught so far this year with a cumulative assessment. They were also assessed on the Unit 8 geometry skills, and felt very confident with their results. I will be sending home these assessments today. Please look them over with your child.

We also began our unit on fractions, learning that we need to have equal shares, and the vocabulary we can use to describe these shares, such as "two halves or one third". We will continue with our fractions unit and prepare for our end of the year math assessment. Please remember to keep practicing addition and subtraction facts with your child at home. If they are already secure in these facts, feel free to move on to multiplication.

For Your Calendar

5/13 Interims posted on Genesis – Grs. 1 thru 5, 330PM

5/14 Science Olympiad Regional Tournament

5/18 Salad Bar

5/18 Community Meeting 10:00am (We will be presenting)

5/19 6:30pm Elizabeth Haddon Open House/Art Show

5/27 Half Day

5/30 No School: Memorial Day

5/31 School Store

6/3 2nd Grade Field Trip to Annenberg Center

6/4 5K Fun Run and Walk

6/6 K-2 Cubana Assembly

6/9 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

6/13 Community Meeting

6/15 Field Day & Half Day for Students

6/16 Half Day for Students, 5th Grade Lip Sync

6/17 Half Day for Students, Last Day of School, Awards Ceremony

6/17 Report Cards available on Genesis