Moon Miranda

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* Moon Miranda orbits Uranus.

* Miranda was found in 1948.

*Miranda is smaller than the other moons.

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* Miranda was founded by Gerard Kuiper he found Moon Miranda in 1948.

* Miranda's geological activity was within the last 2 to 3 billion years.

* Scientist found out that Miranda is the strangest out of the five moons.

Distance from Uranus

* The total distance from Uranus is 80,720 miles away.

* Miranda's cracks seem to be in rows of long valleys or cracks ten times deeper than the grand canyon all this on a moon only 300 miles across.


* Miranda was likely to tidally headed by Uranus and it's other larger satellites.

* It's surface has deep grooves and ridges and it's covered by rope-like markings that look like the brush work of some gigantic artist.

* IT's curves look like "race car tracks".


* Scientists think Miranda has the oddest mixture of surfaces ever found in the solar system.
* Miranda has torn crusts and the grooves make up a "race track" on the surfaces of MIranda.
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