Anne Frank


Anne is a young lady who goes into hiding with her family so they don’t get captured by the green police. She is a very loud and outspoken girl who has big plans for her future. She is full of excitement and she has hope that they will return to old times after the war. She shows loud and outspoken qualities because she is always annoying the Vandan’s. Also, she gets into arguments with Mr.Vandan because she is going to be much more than a housewife, she has bigger plans. Even though times are tough Anne stays positive which some people in her home did not.

Never Lose Hope

A theme that stands out in the Diary of Anne Frank is never losing hope. Even though the times are hard the Frank’s and Vandan’s never lose hope. Anne mostly is the person that keeps the annex alive; she talks about how she is going to do big things when they get out. Everyone in the house is depressed and Anne keeps reminding them that there is hope when they get out of hiding. In the book the Vandan’s are losing hope then Anne picks them up and talks about what they have to live for. Thought times are very hard in the annex, they know that they are lucky to be alive and they hope that someday it will get better.

Family Means Everything

​Another theme in the Diary of Anne Frank is family means everything. Living in a tight space with your family for two straight years with scarce supplies and no moving isn’t easy. The families get mad and annoyed at each other but at the end of the day they still love each other. They get in fights but as Anne get mature her mother and her get along better. The Vandan’s are not related to the Frank’s but they treat them as family and they took them into hiding so they wouldn’t be killed. Everyone loves each other and if they didn’t get along the annex would have been a much harder place to live.