Benozzo Gozzoli

Ben Gilson


Benozzo was born in 1420 in Pieve di Cadore, Italy. He was a very popular artist during the renaissance. He lived in Venice, Italy for a lot his life, but he often moved around. His education as a child was learning the basics of art and how to make a great painting. And he developed his arti stic ability overtime. Some famous paintings that he created were Landscape with the Goat,Two satyrs in a Landscape, and The Assumption of the Virgin, and there are many more. Some people that invested in his work were Emperor Charles V, and Philip ii of Spain.

The Work

The Picture shown below is called The Journey of the Magi, it was created in 1459. The painting is most likely in a museum or even in a book. I find this piece so interesting because there is so much going on it it that you can be intrigued by just about any part of the painting. Benozzo exemplifies humanism because he drew pictures of other people. He also exemplifies individualism because he wasn't afraid of what people thought of his pictures, and he wasn't afraid to be himself.

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