The Final Solution

Extermination of the Jews


The extermination of the Jews was a strict and systematic way of killing developed by the Nazis. They used mass shootings, gassing trucks, and concentration and extermination camps. All these strategies were used to try and find the perfect killing method. Mass shootings came first and they ended with the gas chambers. In total about six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, three million were killed in the camps
Auschwitz Concentration Camp - Crematory/Gas Chamber

Crematoriums and Gas Chambers

This video shows an inside look into the gas chambers and crematoriums in Nazi Germany. This was the last and most productive way the Nazis found to exterminate the Jews. Groups of Jews were brought into the gas chambers, thinking they were showers and were killed. Then they were put into the crematoriums so there was almost nothing left of their bodies as evidence.

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