Welcome Back

Joyceville Public School

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On behalf of all the staff, we extend a warm welcome to all our students and families, both returning and new! We look forward to working with you in pursuit of learning and well being for all our students.

Our staff have been hard at work this summer cleaning and preparing classrooms and the school. We are ready and excited for this school year. A special thanks to our caretakers, Mr. Inwood and Mr. Dwyer, for our sparkling school! We feel fortunate to continue to work with such a dynamic, dedicated, and talented group of people who learn and work together every day to matter in the lives of students.

Our hope for this year is that each and every student feels welcome and that they matter. When we feel valued and confident, we are more likely to take risks and get involved. As well, we are more likely to work hard and persevere. These are all key ingredients to successful learning and growth. We look forward to your partnership in making this happen, because you matter and are so important in your child's life! Developing positive partnerships between home and school through effective communication will help ensure your child will be the best they can be.

This is an exciting time of year, full of opportunity and new beginnings! Students have a variety of feelings: anxious, hesitant, excited. We encourage you to help your child continue to develop a growth mindset and set goals to get better at something, to learn more about something, and to grow as a person. But before you do that, we encourage you to help your child be mindful of his/her strengths...things that make them unique and special, ways they contribute, positive characteristics they have. Give your child examples of why you think this about them. Hopefully, this will fuel them to embrace challenges and opportunities this upcoming school year!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to share.


Heather Campbell, Principal

Dawn Diamond, Vice Principal


New Bus Lines & Parking!


Many thanks to Tri-board Transportation and LDSB Facility Services for helping us rework our parking lot and bus lines! Here's a few reminders and new routines:

  • enter south/west (closest to Hwy 401), exit north/east (closest to Hwy 15) - as usual
  • additional parking spaces have been added - please park in open parking spaces or on the road (please never park in the bus lane - this is also our emergency vehicle route)
  • buses will now enter the parking lot single file (so students will not have to go through the parking lot to to embark/disembark)
  • student drop off/pick up zone is the area just outside the office windows by the planters - for safety reasons, students and parents may NOT walk in between the buses to get to and from vehicles
  • the accessible parking has been moved to the first/closest parking space in the lot

Upcoming Dates...

Sept 4 -Welcome Back! - First day of school

Sept.12 - Parent Council meeting (6 p.m.) in the library

Sept. 27 - Terry Fox Run

Sept. 27 - Corn Roast/Open House

Sept. 28 - PA Day - no classes

Many items are coming home next week! Please return as soon as possible:

  • Computer Use Agreement
  • Advance Absence Notification Card
  • Accident Insurance Application Package (Please note that Board Policy requires all students who participate in school sponsored extracurricular activities are to have Accident Insurance Coverage either through Reliable Insurance Company or provide another carrier. Proof of insurance must be provided prior to your child's participation in school sponsored sporting events.)
  • Social Media Permission Form
  • School Year Calendar

Parent Council

The first meeting will be Wednesday, September 12 at 6 p.m. in the library. All parents are welcome!!! Parent Council is a wonderful way to to stay involved in our school community. Please contact our school office if you have any questions or require childcare to attend the meeting.


This is just a reminder that class placements are always tentative and reorganization is always a possibility. Our organuzation is based on actual enrollment numbers which is sometimes hard to predict. If reorganization were to occur, parents will be notified of class placement changes in the second week of school.


Hot lunch and milk programs will start up later this month. Stay tuned for details!

We are now an Early ON site!

Welcome to Krista, Megan & Francine who will be running a City of Kingston-based program (EarlyON) - which is a parent/child (babies & toddlers) drop-in. They will be housed in Room 10 and will be open starting September 11th on Tuesday afternoons (1:30 - 4:30) and Thursday mornings (9:30 - 12:30). Please use the entrance near the courtyard. There will be a doorbell that you can ring to be let in. Please help us spread the word to our community!

Allergies, Asthma or Medical Needs

No foods containing nuts or peanuts should be sent to school. We do have students with nut allergies.

If your child has allergies, asthma or another medical condition that we need to know about, please contact the office or your child's teacher.

As per new Ministry policy, we will require a Plan of Care to be filled out by parents for any student with an Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Diabetes or Epilepsy. This will replace our current Medical Safety Plans.

Safe Arrival Program

As part of the Ontario Government's Safe Welcome program, all elementary schools have secure access where all doors are locked during the school day when students are inside the building (doors will be unlocked at recess). Parents/Guardians are still welcome to access the building through the front door. You will need to ring the buzzer (to the right) when you arrive and a staff member will assist you. If you plan to stay at the school between 8:50-3:35, please sign in and get a visitor or volunteer tag. We thank you for your cooperation and support with this provincial initiative.

Student Use of Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices

Students are permitted to bring cell phones and other electronic devices to school, such as iPods. They may use these ONLY WITH PERMISSION FROM A STAFF MEMBER during the instructional times and breaks. Cell phones must be turned off as soon as students arrive at school and kept in a safe location. Students may not use any electronics during outdoor recess. Please try not to text/message your child during instructional hours. Students are responsible for any equipment brought to school and the school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. We will be asking students to bring their own headphones in, if possible. This will help reduce the noise in the classroom while students are using devices to enhance their learning.

Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club will once again will run their After School Connections! It runs Monday-Friday from 3:30-6:30 pm.

To inquire or register, please contact the program coordinator at 613-453-1408 or email joyceville@bgckingston.ca.


Electronic newsletter: For the rest of the school year, we will send the newsletter via email, post it to our website and tweet the link.

Paper copies: If you already have arranged to receive a paper copy, we will continue to send it this way for you. If you wish to request a paper copy, please contact Wendy in the office.

Newsletter email list: If you wish to add or delete an an email, please complete the google form at the link below and submit or complete the form below and return to school.