Bartholomew's Buzz

8th Grade English Language Arts Newsletter -- May 2016

Hello Parents!

Well, this is the final installment of our class newsletter. Crazy, right?! I'm feeling a bit nostalgic as I look back over the year, thinking of the new 8th graders I met last August and reflecting on how they've grown and changed over the course of our school year together. I hope you all know how truly blessed I feel to have such wonderful students to work with every day! I have enjoyed being their teacher this year, and I am thankful to you for sharing them with me. You've raised some amazing kids! I am so proud of them and wish them all the best of luck for high school and a bright future!

Please send them back to visit and keep in touch!


Ms. B.


Dates to Remember


If you come across any young adult books that you are wanting to get rid of as you do any spring cleaning, think about donating them to our classroom! We would love to have donations of any books that you may no longer have need for. It's always great to add new titles to our classroom library.

Thank you!

Curriculum Highlights

For the last few weeks of school, we will be reading and studying Greek Mythology as well as some other myths from around the world. It's always interesting to note how these stories still connect with the world today.