Great News! Allen ISD and our school board are being considered with five other school districts and school boards across the state of Texas for the HEB Excellence in Education award. A group will be visiting campuses next Friday to see our folks in action, however, we have no idea which campuses they will ask to visit. There is a possibility they will come to Chandler, but I have no way of knowing for sure. We have rescheduled the lockdown that was originally scheduled on this date to Friday March 4th--just in case. I do hope they come out to see us----and see the great things you guys do each day!


Monday, February 15: Staff Development - collaborative planning

Tuesday, February 16: PTA Meeting 7:00 Art Night

Wednesday, February 17: All staff Tabletop Exercise 3:15 M/P Room

Thursday, February 18: N/A

Friday, February 19: Brett Phillips, W.A.T.C.H. Dog Dad, Possible visit from HEB For Excellence visit (AISD and the board are in the top 5 to be considered)


Here's a shout out to Coach B for her fabulous work with the talent show! It was terrific, as always. Speaking of talent show ---many thanks to our teachers and staff who participated and to the entire first grade team! I know we burned quite a few calories from all the laughing! It was a blast!


*Please remember to take your Cafeteria folder to lunch each day. The monitors rely on these folders to communicate with you about any concerns or issues that occur during lunch.

Thank you for following up with students and holding them accountable when their names are written in the folder.

*Just a reminder—PALS can be used as a support for student academics. If you have prepared games or activities that PALS can use when they come on Wednesdays, then communicate that with them.