Kari Chamberlain

Kari Chamberlain


I got the INFP personality type, which makes up about 4% of the population. Some of the things it says people with this personality type I agree with, but other things i don't agree with as much.



Open minded


I didn't agree with the seeking value and harmony thing because I don't like not being able to control what I'm doing and I've gotten used to being in charge of smaller groups instead of just letting others lead.


Too idealistic


Difficult to truly get to know

positives- 9

negatives- 13

Some of the negative qualities I don't always agree are negative but I know that at times they can be bad like the one where it said that you don't want to stop doing one thing and do another I can see how that can be a negative thing but if you think about it it can be a positive thing at times.

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My Quote

Dream your dreams with your eyes closed; live your dreams with your eyes open.
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