The Life of Water

"It Doesn't die"


Is it raining? Is it snowing? Those are all examples of precipitation. All living things go through a cycle of life. Water also goes through a cycle of life. It's called the Water Cycle. You may know clouds as puffy cotton balls of air,but it is water vapor...the gas form of water.


There are a lot of types of precipitation,but the four main ones are hail, rain, snow, and sleet. In order to hail, snow, or have sleet come down it has to be 32°F or 0°C. For it to rain it has tho be above 32°F/0°C.
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Types of clouds

You may think all clouds are the same,but clouds can be very different from one and other. There are four types of clouds. they are Stratus clouds, Cumulus clouds, Cumulonimbus clouds, and last but not least the Cirrus clouds.

What they mean

Each type of cloud can mean different types of precipitation. Stratus clouds mean up coming snow or rain. Cumulus clouds mean fair weather. Cumulonimbus clouds are a sign of showers or even worse THUNDER STORMS! Cirrus clouds maybe a sign of a storm.
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How they look like

All clouds give different precipitation and all clouds have different names,but they also look different. Stratus clouds look like gray layers. cumulus clouds look like cotton balls. Cumulonimbus clouds look like blowing big white mushrooms. Finally cirrus clouds are wispy and see through.

The steps of the water cycle

The water cycle happens in small steps. First water turns into water vapor. It's called evaporation. Next the water vapor that was formed turns into water in the air. It's called condensation.Soon it turns into clouds. Finally the clouds get full and precipitation falls such as Rain, Snow, Hail, and Sleet.
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The Tools

All Scientists use tools to measure precipitation. Some of the tools they use are Rain gages and Snow sticks.

Harsh Weather

Precipitation can also be harmful. Large hail stones can destroy cars and buildings. Rain can over flow lakes, rivers, and oceans witch can create flash floods. Snow can block your house so you can get house arrested.
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How high are they

All clouds can be identified by how high in the air they are, too. Stratus clouds can be up to 0 to 1,500m in to the sky. Cumulus clouds can be about 1,500 to 6,000m in the sky. cumulonimbus clouds can be up to 1,500 to 15,000m in the sky. Last but not least the Cirrus clouds can be 12,000m or higher.


Hail is formed in a different way than most other types of precipitation. It really starts in a thunderstorm. As the rain falls from the clouds it might hit cold weather witch can make the rain into balls of ice.
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Did you know that water from the 1400s is still around.It's because precipitation carries the same water over and over again. water vapor turns into water in high Atmosphere. It's called Condensation.

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