Computer Forensics Specialist

Chase A. Walter


Careers: I want to be a Computer Forensics Specialist
Computer Forensics Specialists deal with varying sorts of cyber crimes including identity theft, fraud, and security breaching through hacking.


Computer Forensics Specialists have the task of examining all sorts of technology such as iPods, laptops, hard drives, flash drives, cell phones and tablets, and even gaming consoles to find evidence to be used in court. They scan all sorts of machinery hoping to find condemning evidence valuable to the crime they're working on.


Working conditions are very dependent on what type of job the Computer Forensics Specialist receives from the client. If the employer is a large company then that may entail a fair amount of moving around and some travel as they would be required to check lots of different technology there; A smaller case, like simply sifting through a laptop wouldn't include as much motion.


A bachelor's degree in computer forensics is required in order to work in this field. Many students also pursue some sort of internship on top of this in order to gain more real world experience with the job after becoming certified.
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There are MANY schools in which someone can earn a degree in computer forensics. Several of these schools are also cost-effective community colleges. You can even find schools offering online courses where you can receive a certificate in computer forensics.



This type of career is typically best suited for those who are problem-solvers, critical thinkers, work well with a team, persistent, patient, and self-motivated. Of course, what's most important is having an actual desire for the job and a strong interest in the type of work that is done.


The amount of money that can be made ranges greatly based on location and employer; The average salary as of Nov. 17, 2015 is $95,000. As we progress into the future, the internet is becoming more and more applicable to our everyday lives and much more accessible to all. Since this is true, the field is seeing huge bounds as far as job outlook goes since the internet is starting to be used by all.


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