Sora and the Cloud


" A cheerful ode to flying" - The New York Times

The story of a growing boy, Sora who gets to experience his ultimate daydream. He soars through the sky while riding on a cloud and gets to experience the whole city from up above.

Hoshino, F. (2011). Sora and the cloud. San Fransisco: Immedium

Author & Illustrator

Falicia Hoshino

* Inspired by her own experiences as a mother

* Native of Tokyo, Japan

* Studied fine arts, graphic and industrial design

* Actually thought clouds were made of cotton candy when she was a kids

Criteria for Multiculrtual Literature

  1. Portray cultural accuracy and authenticity of characters in terms of the fallowing: Physical characteristics The family in this book is made up of Caucasian and Japanese people. It's a great example of how different each family is. It also shows diversity in family make up by illustrating the fact that Sora's grandparents also take care of him.
  2. Names of characters should be culturally authentic and their personalities should reflect believable attributes The main character in this book has a name that is common in the Japanese culture.
  3. Physical characteristics of a people of diverse cultrue should replicate natural appearance and avoid stereotypes The Japanese characters in this book have the realistic features that separate them from other nationalities.

Sora and the Cloud Lesson Idea

Grade Level: First

W.1.3 Write narratives in which they recount two or more appropriately sequenced events, include some details regarding what happened, use temporal words to signal even order, and provide some sense of closure.

Students will write a story with illustrations that describes there perfect day dream with insperation from Sora and the Cloud.

Lesson Procedure:
  • The teacher will start a discussion on what dreaming is and what it means to dream during the day
  • Read the story Sora and the Cloud to the class
  • During the story make sure to ask questions that will keep students engaged and help them to develop a deeper understanding of the text
  • Discuss what Sora's day dream was
  • Give students instruction to write a story that explains the perfect day dream (1. Write one to two sentences that explain where you would go, how you would get there, and what you would do while there 2. Make at least three illustrations that show what the place looks like, you traveling there, and what you would do there.
  • Once students are done with their stories, come back together as a group and give each student the opportunity to share their day dream


Sora and the Cloud by CarrieLK