Bulldog Bulletin

March - April Edition

Superintendent's Corner

Spring appears to have finally sprung! As an educator, I love this time of year. In spring we begin to reap the bounty we have sewn all year with respect to student learning. It is throughout this time of year Educators see the "A-ha" light bulb go off every few seconds as students make the connections between all the foundational pieces they've worked so hard to master over the course of the year take shape and become an integrated part of their daily habits of mind. These successes remind educators of why they commit their lives to serving children and families and they are gratifying beyond words.

In addition to learning benchmarks being met and surpassed throughout the district, spring ushers in momentous events through which we recognize our student's efforts and achievements and celebrate their successful completion of the year. This spring we have had multiple successes with our athletic teams, our Robotics team competed successfully in their inaugural year, our Book Bowl teams performed well in competition, our students have been completing their Education Development Plans and we crowned our first ever "Mr. Bentley" - Matthew McCollum. I hope you have had time to enjoy some of these events, but rest assured, if you haven't, there are many many more exciting year-end events to come. To name a few:

NHS Blood Drive - May 5th

Prom - May 8th

Senior's Last Day of School - May 27th

Honors Night - June 2nd

Graduation - June 4th

Final Exams - Bentley HS June 4th, 5th, 8th

Barhitte - End of year celebration - June 8th

All Students (except seniors) - Last day of school, June 8th

This list only represents a few key events. There are many, many more happening over the course of the next several weeks. Please watch for announcements coming home with students and being posted on FB, Twitter and the District Web-page about concerts and several other special student celebrations.

This summer will bring numerous construction projects throughout the district. Because every school building will be under construction due to multiple bond projects, you will notice classrooms beginning to look a little more bare over the final days of the school year. In order to stick to the established project schedule to ensure occupancy of our buildings in time to start the 2015-16 school year, we will need to have the buildings prepped for abatement projects to begin right away after June 8th.

In closing, I want to share a video clip that clearly conveys our Learning Community's Beliefs about our Vision and Purpose. I urge you to watch the video clip and reflect on how far we have come in the last couple of years toward improving the learning environment for our students. Bentley Community School District needs to be able to honestly state that we are providing a learning experience that prepares our students to achieve greatness. We are striving to preserve Bentley Community Schools by honoring the past and evolving our system to meet the demands of the future. In all our decisions, whether they be programming-related, systems-related or personnel-related, we expect to put students first. I encourage you to be a part of your school's improvement team and/or the district's improvement team. Please ask your building principal when the next meeting is and commit to being a part of positive change. If we as a school system do not commit to evolving, but remain stagnant, we become obsolete. The education landscape is evolving at the speed of light and it is absolutely necessary our system evolve with it in order for us to be relevant; In order for us to be Great. I hope you will join our key stakeholders in "taking the lid off" our education system.

Everyone Has Greatness Within Them. It's Our Responsibility to Ensure Our Children's Discovery of Theirs.

Act Like A Success: Taking the lid off the jar