The Third Grade Gazette

The June 2016 Edition


For reading the students will finish up the unit of fables which featured wolves as characters. As students read each fable, they continue to analyze the character of the wolf in fiction, based on their analysis. The students will also continue to practice their fluency skills by reading and rereading the various stories aloud.


In this unit the children will be finishing up their own fairy tales by completing fiction the three topic unit, students will write two fairy tale adaptations and one original fairy tale. Teachers will emphasize the importance of clear event sequence, and language that signals event order. Students will also pushed naming some of the ways authors use words with alliteration and sensory language to create effects. Through the multiple writing cycles of this unit, students will have ample time to practice these writing lessons.


For the month of June the students will practice describing the attributes of two dimensional shapes and the angles in plane shapes. The studets will discover how line segments and angles are used to construct quadrilaterals, triangles, and poygons.

Dual Language

The students will be finishing up Unit 6 and the journeys of Alana and Kai. Here, under the central theme of Our Environment, they will be reviewing all the themes that they have studied this past school year.

Upcoming Events

Field Day Friday, June 3rd

Brooklyn- Queens Day Thursday, June 9th School Closed

Non- Attendance Day Tuesday, June 14th School Closed

Last Day of School Tuesday, June 28th