My Career!

by: Nohelly Hernandez


As a little girl i always did my hair putting hair charms and my moms makeup looking like a close. IT WAS CRAZY! Now that i'm older i wanted a career that best fits my passion to beauty and it was a cosmetologist. So, What is a cosmetologist? A cosmetologist is a person who does cosmetic treatments for hair, makeup, nail. As you know being a cosmetologist takes a lot of practice because not just do you learn how to do makeup, hair, and nails you also have a good opportunity to have a great experience to do this career.
Cosmetology : What Is Cosmetology About?

High School Preparation


Some courses you can take in Leyden is as a senior you can take a class called work program where they take you to cosmetology school after your other classes. This program is helpful for does who want to have a cosmetology career. They pay half of your school career and you pay the rest. HOW COOL!

Extra Curricular Activity

FCCLA club and fashion club can help you as an extracurricular activity. FCCLA is where you go compete in different places in individual and group home economic-related occupation activities. This can help you develop leadership skills. Fashion club is where you enhance your love to fashion and modeling. This can help you learn new trends and feel confident about yourself where you take a trip to New York and learn more about beauty techniques.

Work Volunteer Programs

To have work experience you can work as a helper while hairdressers cut hair you can clean or hand in the procedures you will need for the customer that way you can enhance your eye skill by learning what goes on what. You can also work in a beauty supplies drug store (sally beauty) that way you can learn every tool is used for a cosmetologist.

Career Research

Daily Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Respond to clients' phone calls
  • Schedule appointments
  • Handle such bookkeeping duties as recording sales and making bank deposits
  • Have to make sure your clients are happy with what they want
  • Make sure the client is the top priority to be safe (risk for infection and mistreating the procedures if procedures don't go well)

Work Environment

As a cosmetologist, you can find this job in any beauty salon or you can also make your own business. Working conditions can be difficult at time because Work schedules may include evenings and weekends, the times when beauty salons and barbershops are busiest. One advantage of being a cosmetologist is that usually you have a flexible schedule for seeing clients, you can take appointments at various times of the day whenever is convenient for you, that way you have time to do your private things. A disadvantage is that by doing too much hand work you can get carpal tunnel syndrome, a problem caused by repeated use of the hands, wrists and arms.

Education & Training

As studying to be a cosmetologist it might take up to 2 years to complete a bachelor's degree, you can also find a school that allows you to complete your training and you can decide to follow your education on full or part time. To go to a beauty school you will usually need a high school diploma. This may be a requirement to enroll cosmetology program or a licensed cosmetologist. Also there's high school requirement where you can take beauty school and the school will pay half of your career and you pay the rest.

Preferred Job Skills

To have job skills you must have a....

  • license

  • experience

  • professionalism with customers

  • responsible

  • active

  • positive

Job Outlook

13% ( As fast as average)


$22,500 per year

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  1. Amy Gorzinsky - Business and Education Teacher at East Leyden High school
  2. Jennifer Maldonado - Child Care and Education Teacher at East Leyden HIgh school
  3. Lisa Beranjenco - ESL Bilingual Teacher at East Leyden High School
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My Post Secondary Plan

As a cosmetologist you do not need to go to a college to get your degree. Instead you can go to a technical school (beauty school) you can get your full degree and all you need is high school diploma, but it is optional. My secondary plan will be senior year i will take cosmetology school and after high school i would go to military school or i will go to a technical school. The reason i want to go to military is because it can help pay for school and i can have a good opportunity to go were i want and have my second choice on being an FBI agent.

Related Courses

- Fashion Class (high school)

- FCCLA club (travel and compete in beauty competitions


An intern experience that can help me for this carers is joining clubs and taking cosmetology school through my senior year.

If you are interested on being on this field it is recommended to go to a technical school. After high school you can go to great beauty school were they can help you purse your career. For example:

" Find What You Are Passionate About And Continue To Work Hard Everyday Towards A Successful Future. Even If You Think You Reached The Top, Keep Striving For Knew Success Because The Possibilities Are Endless".


Therefore, I learned a lot of interesting things through this project and i made a lot of connections with Hilda Garcia it was a success I learned a lot of new things and it was a great experience learning new things about this career. As i interviewed Hilda she gave me advice on what should i do and what i should not do in this career. It was a great opportunity knowing facts about this career now i'm sure what i want to pursue throughout my life. Know Its Your Turn To Pursue Your Career!!