YouTube in Education

Tech Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What is YouTube?

YouTube is video sharing site, that allows you to upload videos, collaborate and make comments. It is the largest video sharing site on the internet.

How is it used?

YouTube can be used to:

  • Create Channels and set privacy
  • Create Playlist for classes
  • Record lectures/lessons for Flipped Classroom
  • Crop videos for lessons
  • Edit videos

What are some ways to use it in my class?

  • Hook and Discussion Starters
  • Critical Thinking - Watch a video then pick out the bigger idea.
  • Exam Review - Create a video of flashcards for an upcoming test.
  • Flipped Classroom - Video Tape lessons then send out for homework.
  • Creative Interactive videos using Zaption or EdPuzzle. Embed in questions or questions so students are unable to skip through material.
  • Add in Annotations or Cards.