Five Foundations

Bryce Graveen, Tanner Lindell

Five Foundations:

1. Save a $500 Emergency Fund

Saving money for an emergency is a very good idea especially if you have a car that doesn't always work, or if you accidentally break your phone.

2. Get Out of Debt

A very good way to stay out of debt is if you stay away from credit cards. If you don't have enough money to spend on it in the first place you probably won't have enough money to pay the credit card bill at the end of month.

3. Pay Cash for Your Car

Paying cash for your car is a lot easier if you would get a loan. Paying in a cash is a one time thing until like with a loan. You would have to pay that money back to the back and that is really time consuming.

4. Pay Cash for College/ Big Purchases

Paying for cash for college and big purchases will make sure you don't spend more than you have to prevent you from getting into debt.

Build Wealth and Give

Building your wealth will make you feel secure for the rest of your life. You will leave a legacy of money for your future generations to come.