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Celebration Day

We are coming down to the wire--If you know or have ties to a business around town (or just willing to donate), we need prizes for Celebration Day. Last year, over 300 were donated. We would love to get that again this year. It will be on the announcements as well, but it would be great if you could continue to mention it to your students too.

What's Happening May 1-5?

Monday-Teacher Appreciation Week; 7th Awards Night

Tuesday- Algebra EOC; 8th Awards Night

Wednesday-College Gear & Mentor Day


Friday- Relay for Life

Happy birthday to you...

May 2-Christie Brod; Kelly Miller

5-Mel Hall; Shannon Esparza

6-Alisa Hamilton

Coaching Corner

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Extras for the Week

Awards teachers definitely deserve


Hilarious answers (I always love to read these.)