Get Your Party On!

7th Graders ONLY!

Imformation to Attend This Party!

Come get your party on at Chisholm Trail Middle School!

When: 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. of just FUN!

Where: You heard me! The one and only Chisholm Trail Middle School, in Newark!

Why: All you Chisholm 7th deserve a party that will totally rock off the school year!

Food :Don't worry! We know you 7th graders want food! We will be served by Pizza Palace!

Entertainment: We will for sure soaring.......... On the bounce houses by Jumpin' Jack's Bounce Houses! Don't want to miss that!

Who Knew Food Meant Math??

Our dear principal, Mr. Vercher, gave us the opportunity to do the math and see who we should choose from two food companies. BURGER BONANZA, or, PIZZA PALACE. And, this is how we did it!

We had figured out how much it was charging us 10 dollars per person, with an additional catering fee, with 20 dollars. For Pizza Palace it was charging 9.25 dollars per person. With an additional 61.25 set up fee.

Big image

As you can see I did the algebra and made a graph. And it showed the more people that you had to pay for, for Pizza Palace the cheaper it was than Burger Bonanza. That's how I chose Pizza Palace!

Extra large cheese please!

WHICH WILL SOAR HIGHER? Or Cost Cheaper.........

Now we had to decide which bounce house company will fly higher? Jumpin' Jack's Bounce Houses, or Hoppin' Around?? Jumin' Jack's was only 54 dollars per hour with a fee of 84 dollar set up! Hoppin' Around was only 75 dollars per hour, with no additional fee! How would we choose?
Big image
All the calculations showed that Jumpin' Jack's was much cheaper!

Well............ COME ON!

Come and join us! All your friends are going to be there!

See you there!

This party is hosted by: Serving the Party