History Of Soccer

By: Emily Fonseca

How It Started

Have you ever wondered where and when soccer was invented? Many people think it was invented in Mexico, Brazil, England, or somewhere in South America. But it actually wasn't invented in any of these places.

Soccer has been around for many years. It date back all the way to 1004 B.C. It's been around for 3000 years. Every couple of hundreds of years the way soccer was played had to be changed, like in china you played soccer in a circle and had to keep the ball from touching the ground only using your foot and head. in early England 54 or more players used to fight for the ball.

The earliest known record of a soccer like game was in Japan in 1004 BC. There are also many references that say soccer was invented in China. Around 4476 to 221 BC a game called cuju was played in China. Cuju is roughly translated to "kick a ball with your foot". Just like soccer players are allowed to touch the ball with any part of their body except their hands and arms.

Soccer has many rules just like Football, Softball, Volleyball, and many other sports. In soccer if u break the rules in soccer you can get a yellow or red card. A yellow card means that your on a warning, if you get 2 yellow cards you get ejected. A red card will also get you ejected from a soccer game.

Those are a few things you should know about soccer. People still don't quite know where soccer was invented. But it was more likely that soccer was in China because there's more evidence pointing towards it.