Small Steps

By:Peg Kehret

The Characters in the book

Renee: Was in a wheel chair and had Pollio

Dorthy:In wheel chair and had pollio

Peg: Main Character and likes Mr.Bevis

Shirley:Wheelchair and had Pollio

Alice:Has an attitude and in wheel chair and also had pollio

Mr.Bevis:docter and pegs crush

Beth:Pegs Mom

Bob:Pegs Dad

The auther of the book

The main character is the main character named Peg kehret and her book is below




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Where she was to help the deasease

She was at the Sheltering arms Then She went to the University Hospital And then went back to sheltering arms In 1949

My Opinion of the book

I really like small steps because it remines me from when my great uncle had Pollio