Operant Conditioning

November 18, 2015

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Operant Conditioning vs. Classical Conditioning

  • Conditioning that results from the individuals's actions and the consequences they cause
  • Actions = Consequences
  • Organism plays a role in what happens in comparison to respondent behavior from classical conditioning
  • Do things based on learned results
Classical and Operant Conditioning
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Big Bang Theory-operant conditioning

Nice work Kyle!

"If Laurie's parents suspect she is on drugs they will do everything in their power to prove they are right, so even if they see a pill bottle she was legally prescribed last year they will assume those drugs are illegal." This one caused a lot of people problems but, you knew it and nailed it!

Due Dates

Module 6 Lesson 1 Vocabulary dug TODAY!!!!

Module 6 Lesson 1 Classical or Operant Assignment due Tomorrow!