Addressing Poverty Correctly!

We need to talk about this very important subject people!!!!

Who lives in Poverty?

Any body who either has no money or barely enough money to support themselves.

What does it mean to live in Poverty?

It means you either have a minimum wage job and can barely support yourself, or can no longer support yourself.

What does poverty look like?

It can look like a normal family just not talking about the struggles that they face, or it can be a homeless person on the side of the street.

What are some statistics associated with the issue

Child poverty rate: 26%

Senior poverty rate: 16%

Poverty rate: 17.2%

Extreme poverty rate: 7.1%

When does poverty occur?

Poverty occurs when you can not support yourself, or can barely support yourself.

When does one go from being economically stable to poverty?

When they can no longer support more than two people in a household.

Where does poverty exist?

Poverty can exist anywhere in the world, especially in a city.

Where can people go for help/assistance?

To a shelter where they can educate you, support you for a short period of time, get you back on your feet, and make you food.

Why do we need to be aware of this problem?

By looking at how many homeless people you see on the street and looking at how many people line up at homeless shelters near you.

How do we solve this problem?

By helping the people living in poverty get back on their feet and get a job to support themselves. I am not speaking for them, but I sure don't like admitting that i need help sometimes!!!