Membership Meeting Report

CAST Holds Membership Meeting/Elects Three New Board Members

Written by Leanne Kassab

Clearfield - September 16, 2016

Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre, Inc. (CAST) held its annual membership meeting at 6:30 pm Wednesday, September 14, 2016. The annual meeting provides the opportunity for members of CAST to hear about the progress and plans of the non-profit organization and to elect board members for open positions.

Over 60 members attended the meeting which was held at CAST, located at 112 East Locust Street in downtown Clearfield. The meeting began with the introduction of CAST Board of Directors and officers: Dr. William Grigsby, President and Treasurer; Steve Albert, Vice President; Mason Strouse, Secretary; and Ed Anderson, Ken Coder, Rachel Duke, Lew Duttry, Rick Evans, Jody Grumblatt, Gerry Hatcher, Dr. Richard Horton, Shawn Inlow, Leanne Kassab, ​Jan Moore Boyer and Tim Winters, Directors.

Following this introduction, Dr. Grigsby thanked the membership and board for the high level of volunteerism and stressed the importance of volunteering for CAST, stating “We do not have a single paid position here at CAST. Without the tremendous commitment and effort of the membership and community, we would not be here.”

​Gayle Gearhart, Artistic Director, provided a summary of the theater’s activities this year, including regular season productions: Rock of Ages, The 39 Steps, Holmes! the Musical, Escanaba in da Moonlight, and upcoming Young Frankenstein, opening September 30, and Snow Queen, opening December 9. Along with these productions, Friday Night Live and CAST’s music series have seen growth and success this year. Programs that had been lost, such as the CAST Youth Show Choir (now named High Voltage), Clearfield Choral Society, and a youth summer camp have been reborn. Ms. Gearhart stated, “What an eventful, wonderful and productive year we have shared at CAST this year and continue to celebrate in our ambitious 34th season at CAST.”

Ms. Gearhart went on to provide a tentative list of five shows planned for 2017 to include Buddy! the musical – the Buddy Holly story; The Underpants, a comedy by Steve Martin; Clue!, the musical; The Foreigner, a comedy; and Elf, the musical. Plus, The Rocky Horror Show is planned for five performances Halloween weekend, 2017. The availability of season tickets will be announced soon. “CAST is thriving again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Dr. Grigsby followed with a financial report, noting that CAST was able to pay back taxes that were owed at the reorganization of CAST one year ago. Dr. Grigsby further reported that CAST is now current on all property taxes and payments.

Director Ken Coder, Building Committee Chair, provided a report on improvements to the theater that were summarized by Dr. Grigsby, to include the relocation of the ticket booth and the administrative office; the addition of the tech booth for lighting and sound; the painting of the green room, auditorium and lobby; updated stage lighting equipment and addition of theater lighting in the lobby, among other things. Plans were announced to replace the existing air conditioning unit(s), update sound equipment, add insulation, upgrade electric and lighting, and the launch of a building capital campaign. Additionally, Carpet One donated their time to install new carpeting in the auditorium in October.

Dr. Grigsby explained to the members that three of the fifteen current board members, Ed Anderson, Jan Moore Boyer and Rachel Duke, are interim board members, appointed upon the unfortunate loss of three Directors earlier this year.

The election of the new board members ensued, providing each of the nine interested candidates the opportunity to speak to the membership. Each stood and provided insight as to their interest, background and heart-warming tales of caring for the theater and its meaning to them personally and to the community. Following the introductions, members cast their votes by ballot and, after the votes were counted, Dr. Grigsby announced the new board members: Jan Moore Boyer, Rachel Duke and Catherine Mandell.

“Congratulations to each of these individuals and thank you again to all our members, volunteers, event attendees and local community members and businesses, who all have a role in helping CAST in its rejuvenation efforts,” Dr. Grigsby concluded.

Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre, Inc. (CAST) fosters the promotion of community interest in theatre, music, art, dance, photography, and theatrical productions for education, civic, and benevolent purposes.

Your enthusiasm and continued support is needed to bring high quality opportunities to our area. CAST is proud to announce the fulfillment of its mission this past year, and plans to do so for years to come.

Please call CAST at 765-4474, stop by during office hours on Mondays 5:30-6:30 pm or visit our website at to become a member or find volunteer opportunities. Memberships are available for students for $15/year, individuals for $20/year and family for $40/year.