The Philippines

An Exotic, Majestic and Beautiful Territory To Live in!

About The Philippines:

The Philippines is a small country of three islands that are located on the east of Asia. The Philippines is a very warm climate territory. It has numerous traditions that are very well celebrated. There language is Tagalog which consists Spanish words just transferred into another language. The Philippines has very mouth watering dishes. It is also home to many beaches along its coast. The Filipino citizens are considered very nice and joyful. I hope you consider visiting this very promising land!


Tinikling is a keen skilled activity well played at Filipino reunions and other special events. Tinikling was invented by the past rice farmers that did not like the tinikling birds because they would always eat their rice. So, they put traps on the field and when a bird got on the field it would snap their legs. But, sooner the birds were smart enough to avoid their lags getting snapped by jumping and flying over them. Therefore, tinikling twas born.


The Filipino Religion contains a small variety. Most Filipinos are Roman Catholic because of the Spanish Missionaries that came a long time ago. They believe in the scriptures of the LORD the communion of saints and the bread of life. Another main religion in the Philippines is Christian. Therefore they believe in the LORD AND GOD.


The languages that the Filipinos speak are, Tagalog, English and Taglish. Tagalog is the language that all of the citizens talk it is combined words within Spanish into another form of words. English is as well spoken by all Filipino citizens. Taglish is the language that rich Filipino citizens talk. It is English words and Tagalog words said in one sentence. Ex. Where is your sister and brother= English. Where is your ate and kuya?= Taglish


A tindahan is a small store on the roads of the Philippines. It is like a small shack. Most families in the Philippines have this as there job or company. You can buy food there and other small necessities. They are usually open everyday unless it is a big occasion like a holiday. Kids and adults can both work in a tindahan. You can usually locate this in a suburban area or a small urban city in the Philippines.


In the Philippines the citizens can travel around in a Jeep, A Tricycle, Walk or Drive in their own vehicle. A jeep is a long truck that is a lot like a taxi but can carry more than two people and is decorated with pictures it varies which jeep depending where you need to go. A tricycle is a motorcycle with a sidecar and is a bike taxi. The sidecar is usually topped with a roof and the seats are usually cushioned with leather.