Code Talkers

By Joseph Bruchac

The Summary Of The Book

The code talkers had to go to boarding school to learn to speak English.At the school they were treated very badly,for example the teachers put soap in the kids mouth when they spoke Navajo.They graduated from boarding school and had a huge party.Then they had the action in the desert and the black beach of the war.When they were in the desert they knew much more information than others. They were shown more nasty stuff then others and but treated very kindly back home.At the end they were safe and calm and honerd
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Facts About Code Talkers

Navajo code talkers helped in the battles of Iwo Jima, Guadancanal and other major battles.

The code talkers major jobs were to do, transmitting information about tactics and movement of troops,orders and other vital battlefield communications over telephone and radio.They also acted as messengers and general Marine duties.They were parts of all of the divisions of the Marines.The Navajo code talkers had there own code that they used in the wars.They used the code so the Japanese couldn't understand them. The Navajo code talkers were very helpful to the U.S.